Specter Monitor #4 🤖

Specter Monitor is a data-driven newsletter for investors interested in learning about the latest market trends, signals, and opportunities. Our audience includes some of the most legendary VC investors in the world. We’ll work hard to bring you actionable insights on what’s happening in today’s markets, while celebrating data-driven wins and predictions 

🔮 Talents of the Week

Specter tracks real-time top talents movements across the world to detect actionable investment opportunities before anyone else.

🪄 Predicted:

Christopher Zemina (EU, 2021) : Founder / CEO at Airbank

Featured by Specter on: 2021 - Week 03.

Advantage on Latest Funding Round: 157 Days.

Description: Airbank is the next generation cash management platform for European startups and SMBs.

Prev. Experience: Entrepreneur First, Speedinvest, UBS.

Total Funding: $3M / Latest Seed in 06/2021.

Notable Investors: New Wave, Speedinvest.

👻 Opportunity:

Eero Ringmäe (EU, 2020): Head of Operations at Lightyear.

Featured by Specter on: 2020 - Week 28.

Description: Lightyear is a simple and approachable way to invest your money globally without unnecessary barriers and fees.

Prev. Experience: Moss, Wise, Skype.

Total Funding: $2.1M / Latest Seed in 06/2021.

Notable Investors: Wander Rutgers (Robinhood UK), Taavet Hinrikus (Founder @Wise), Ott Kaukver (CTO @Checkout.com), Kaarel Kotkas (Founder @Veriff).

🎱 The Specterball

Inspired by Michael Lewis’ Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game - Specterball is a stealth engine that tracks online and social behaviour of corporate insiders and leading investors.

🪄 Predicted:

RabbitHole (US, 2020) - Featured by Specter on: 2020-05-12.

Advantage on Latest Funding Round: 409 Days.

Description: RabbitHole is building the on-chain resume for the future of work.

Total Funding: $3.6M / Latest Seed in 06/2021.

Notable Investors: Electric Capital.

👻 Opportunity:

Billi (CA, 2020) - Featured by Specter on: 2021-06-18.

Description: Billi is building a new, easy way to track bills, manage finances, and enjoy your money.

Total Funding: N/A

🍒 Cherry-Picked Companies

Specter tracks the alternative data performance of millions of companies and, on a monthly basis, flags the ones who are likely to increase in valuation.

🪄 Predicted:

Drata (US, 2020) - Specter Rank: 206 📈

Description: Drata is a compliance and security automation company that offers a fast way to achieve and maintain continuous compliance.

Total Funding: $28.2M / Latest Series A in 06/2021.

Notable Investors: GGV Capital, Leaders Fund, Cowboy Ventures, SV Angel.

6 Months Growth: Team: +200%; Web: +500%; Social: +5%

👻 Opportunity:

Writer (US, 2020) - Specter Rank: 10,423 📈

Description: Writer is building AI-driven copyediting for teams.

Total Funding: $5M / Latest Seed in 08/2020.

Notable Investors: Upfront Ventures

6 Months Growth: Team: +100%; Web: +212%; Social: +10%

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