Specter Monitor #5 🏎️

Specter Monitor is a data-driven newsletter for investors interested in learning about the latest market trends, signals, and opportunities. Our audience includes some of the most legendary VC investors in the world. We’ll work hard to bring you actionable insights on what’s happening in today’s markets, while celebrating data-driven wins and predictions 

🔮 Talents of the Week

Specter tracks real-time top talents movements across the world to detect actionable investment opportunities before anyone else.

🪄 Predicted:

Max Kolysh (US, 2019) : Founder / CEO at Dover

Featured by Specter on: 2019 - Week 46.

Advantage on Latest Funding Round: 616 Days.

Description: Dover is building the first end-to-end recruiting automation platform for the world's top companies.

Prev. Experience: Pioneer Fund, Zinc, Palantir Technologies, Groupon.

Total Funding: $22.8M / Latest Series A in 07/2021.

Notable Investors: Tiger Global, Founders Fund, Y Combinator, Abstract Ventures.

👻 Opportunity:

Anand Nandakumar (US, 2019): Founder / CEO at Halo

Featured by Specter on: 2020 - Week 29.

Description: Halo, the all-electric rental car service that comes to you.

Prev. Experience: Uber, Sony, Buycott, Medtronic.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: N/A.

🎱 The Specterball

Inspired by Michael Lewis’ Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game - Specterball is a stealth engine that tracks online and social behaviour of corporate insiders and leading investors.

🪄 Predicted:

Magic (US, 2020) - Featured by Specter on: 2020-05-12.

Advantage on Latest Funding Round: 311 Days.

Description: Magic offers future-proof passwordless authentication with just a few lines of code.

Total Funding: $31M / Latest Series A in 07/2021.

Notable Investors: Northzone, Tiger Global, CoinFund, Lightspeed VP, Social Capital.

👻 Opportunity:

Keith Peiris (US, 2020) - Featured by Specter on: 2020-10-19.

Description: Building something new.

Prev. Experience: Instagram, Citizen, Facebook, Glossier.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: N/A.

Signal: Increased VC Interest in 07-2021.

🍒 Cherry-Picked Companies

Specter tracks the alternative data performance of millions of companies and, on a monthly basis, flags the ones who are likely to increase in valuation.

🪄 Predicted:

Karat (US, 2020) Specter Rank: 17,608 📈

Description: Karat is building a credit card for online creators.

Total Funding: $45.6M / Latest Series A in 07/2021.

Notable Investors: USV, GGV Capital, SignalFire.

Specter Talent Feature: Eric Wei on 2020 - Week 07.

6 Months Growth: Team: +100%; Web: +686%; Social: +50%

👻 Opportunity:

Supabase (Singapore, 2020) Specter Rank: 54 📈

Description: Supabase is the open source Firebase alternative.

Total Funding: $6.1M / Latest Seed in 12/2020.

Notable Investors: Coatue, Mozilla, Y Combinator.

Specter Talent Feature: Paul Copplestone & Anthony Wilson on 2020 - Week 29.

6 Months Growth: Team: +150%; Web: +1144%; Social: +25%

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