Specter Monitor #6 ⛓️

Specter Monitor is a data-driven newsletter for investors interested in learning about the latest market trends, signals, and opportunities. Our audience includes some of the most legendary VC investors in the world. We’ll work hard to bring you actionable insights on what’s happening in today’s markets while celebrating data-driven wins and predictions 

If you are subscribed to this newsletter, you know Crypto has gone absolutely mad. It’s impossible not to FOMO about it. It’s front-page news. It’s everywhere.

Over the last few months, we thought long and hard about Specter’s role in Crypto. We asked ourselves and many clients: what is the biggest pain point we can solve.

And pretty much everyone answered: keeping up with all of it. To have a way to battle the constant FOMO and stay current no matter what.

So we built a solution. Say hello to Specter Blockchain.

⛓️ Specter Blockchain

Is a unique data engine that gives you a weekly overview of the hottest and newest Blockchain projects.

Why is it unique? We went deep. Really deep. We mapped out everyone that matters in Crypto. From legendary traders to hackers, developers and investors. Everyone who is in the know.

And we track their interactions and interest in real-time. It’s scary, and it’s powerful.

Want to see it? Click the button below, select ‘Blockchain’, and get in touch.

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Let us show you a few examples.

👽 Metaverse

Supdrive (US, 2021) is an on-chain fantasy game console.

Featured by Specter on: 

  • 2021-08-26 - Strong VC Interest: The Block, Blockchain Capital, Spero Ventures, Accomplice, Sonar, Rainbow.me, Compound, Snap, Foundation, Bitski, Coinbase, Paradigm, a16z, Coin98, TCG, Spotify, Variant Fund, OurZora, Ludlow Ventures, Google, Dialectic, 35 Ventures, Earnest Research, Spark Capital, Someday Capital, Polychain, Defi Alliance, Lattice Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Correlation Ventures.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: N/A.


Genie (US, 2021) is a marketplace to buy, sell, and trade across all NFT and tokens instantly.

Featured by Specter on: 

  • 2021-08-06 - Strong Insider and VC Interest: Nansen, Coinfund, The Spartan Group, Polychain, Electric Capital.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: N/A.

🥞 DeFi

Visor (US, 2021) allows DeFi participants to utilize NFT Smart Vaults for liquidity provisioning and active liquidity management on Uniswap v3.

Featured by Specter on: 

  • 2021-03-30 - Weak VC and Insider Interest: Avanta Ventures, Fawaz Ahmed.

  • 2021-07-29 - Strong VC Interest: Electric Capital, Blockchain Capital, Maki Ventures.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: N/A.

🍭 B2C

Burst (US, 2021) is a consumer financial application that allows anyone, regardless of their background, to access the opportunities within DeFi.

Featured by Specter on: 

  • 2021-08-20 - Strong VC Interest: Defi Alliance, Included VC, 500 Startups, ClearBallot, JT Capital, Menlo Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Coingecko, Gossamer, Telegram.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: Pear VC.

👻 Bonus Pick - The Next Axie Infinity?

Plant vs Undead (LATAM, 2021) is a multiplayer tower defence game where your plants are also your real asset. PvU is growing faster than Axie Infinity and is already at 40 Million monthly web visits 🤯.

Total Funding: N/A.

Notable Investors: N/A.

That’s all for this edition of Specter Monitor!

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